Minidesk - Electric Height-Adjustable Desk
Minidesk - Electric Height-Adjustable Desk
Minidesk - Electric Height-Adjustable Desk
Minidesk - Electric Height-Adjustable Desk
Minidesk - Electric Height-Adjustable Desk
Minidesk - Electric Height-Adjustable Desk
Minidesk - Electric Height-Adjustable Desk
Minidesk - Electric Height-Adjustable Desk
Minidesk - Electric Height-Adjustable Desk
Minidesk - Electric Height-Adjustable Desk

Minidesk - Electric Height-Adjustable Desk


Enjoy $100 OFF Minidesk Chorus (U.P. $319) with every desk purchased and enjoy FREE onsite assembly for both items (U.P. $60)

The Minidesk is world’s first ever height-adjustable electric desk designed to grow together with your child providing them with perfect posture at every phase of their childhood. Featuring a suite of accessories specially designed to encourage exploration and inquiry, the Minidesk is your child’s perfect companion for both work and play while they grow. 

  • Child-safe touch screen controller
  • Formaldehyde-free powder coat
  • Volatile Organic Compound(VOC)-free

    Warranty Coverage:
    3 +2 years(Free) on-site warranty (UP. $99)
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    Minidesk Guide:
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 9 reviews
      John Morgan
      Very cute

      A nice desk for my 12 year old daughter. Pink and movable.

      Tina and Lee Regan
      Worth the money!

      Easy to purchase. Delivery time was nice and quick. Delivery/Installation guys were quick and efficient. Desk is good and sturdy. Overall very pleased with the purchase.
      If I was to make one criticism it would be that the cable management options are not as good as i had hoped.

      Rachel Lim

      Good and Friendly customer services .

      Jane Kwek
      Good investment!

      Good size, was looking around and found this. Durable table top and stable legs, smooth movement.
      Great for adult use as well with a maximum height of 110cm.
      Fast & professional site assembly!

      Harish Venugopal
      Fit for an adult as well

      I was looking for a small 100cm size desk and was unable to find in any websites.. I somehow bumped into minidesk site that had a 100cm wide desk, which was exactly my requirement.

      I placed an order immediately and received the shipment within 2 days in perfect condition. I assembled myself without much issue.. Watched a youtube video by a omnidesk customer doing an assembly in Australia (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oM3joHaEhsA).. It really helped.. I used my brute hand force to drive screws for controlbox.. :-)

      I love the small space it occupies and i use 2 laptops on this with ease..


      Our children’s physiology is unique as our child. Unfortunately, our one-size-fits-all world does not have the capacity for the exceptional and as such our children are forced to grow into their desks instead of growing with it.


      Experience the freedom of comfort by switching between sitting, standing, and everything in between - low enough for a bean bag chair with just a single touch. Our specially designed motor embedded into the frame of our desk allows you to raise and lower the Minidesk to your heart’s desire


      The Minidesk comes with three programmable presets so you can always recall that perfect height with a simple touch. We have created a child-lock system that prevents accidental presses, ensuring your child’s stride would never be broken by accidental presses.

      Anti-Collision System

      Our child’s safety is our utmost priority and as such, we’ve completely reworked our Anti-Collision system with an increased emphasis on safety. As well as the ability to fully customise its sensitivity to your heart’s desire. 


      Featuring a pair of specially fabricated desk legs holding up the Minidesk, our Minidesk can provide exceptional security and stability. So your child’s stride is never broken by those pesky wobbles

      Auto-Dim system

      The LED screen will dim after 10 secs of idle, conserving energy while preventing it from becoming a distraction.

      Powder Coated Wood Tops


      Our signature table top is designed with an emphasis on ergonomics and performance. Made from the highest grade MDF wood and cured with our specially formulated powder-coat, you can rest assured that your child would be able to unleash their full potential while staying protected.


      We’ve went to great lengths to ensure Formaldehyde is absent at every step of the production process.


      Using a cutting-edge powder coating technique, we are able to completely remove all traces of Volatile-Organic-Compound from our desks.

      toxic free

      Through an exhaustive curation process, we’re able to ensure the absences of harmful toxins in our desks.


      Our eco-friendly manufacturing process also has the advantage of eliminating that “new furniture” smell - which might be harmful to the human body.

      Enjoy up to 7-years of warranty coverage.

      Enjoy your desk worry-free with our exclusive warranty coverage.

      We’re firm believers in quality control and have employed cutting edge manufacturing processes and every desk is rigorously tested to ensure quality and durability.
      However, we also understand that there is no defeating Murphy’s law and as such, we are offering an industry leading *7-Years worth of coverage as well as providing excellent after-sales support.

      *Receive a complimentary 2 year warranty on top of the standard 5 years. Top-up for a longer and more comprehensive warranty and cover up to 7 years in total.


      MAX HEIGHT:110 CM 
      MIN HEIGHT:54 CM
      SPEED:43 MM/S
      LOAD CAPACITY:Max Load: 130 KG
      TABLETOPS OPTIONS:Blue, White and Pink Tabletops 

      why choose Minidesk?

      Ergonomic Design

      Designed with ergonomics in mind and suitable for long hours of comfortable usage. We ensure precise engineering from the iconic curved table tops up to even the built of the adjustable feets at the bottom of each Minidesk.

      Quality Materials

      Only the most carefully selected materials are chosen to be coated with our patented finish on our signature tops. Metal alloys with the highest possible tensile strength are used to form the structure of the Minidesk.

      Service Excellence 

      Every Minidesk is covered by our extensive LOCAL aftersales warranty package. We pride ourselves to provide the best Customer Service Experience with every Minidesk purchased. From presales to aftersales servicing, you are well covered.

      FREE Flat Pack Delivery + Quality Installers

      To reduce the costs of ergonomic desks that we are offering, we have established a strong team of last mile logistics team that offers FREE flat pack delivery for our customers. Not only that, but our team is also specialised in setting up the tables at the comfort of your homes at a minimal cost.